Our client is a premier IT services company headquartered in the Netherlands that specializes in custom mobile apps development for event organizers.


The mission of our client is to streamline, and optimize processes and operations within event planning industry by providing innovative mobile applications.


The company is currently providing services across the Netherlands and is aimed at expanding its market share in the mobile apps development field for event’s organizers in Belgium, Portugal, France, and Germany.


In order to keep its leading market position and to cover the needs of customers from different industries willing to have own mobile apps for events management, our client required a unique solution. The solution was supposed to represent a digital platform specifically designed for rapid development and deployment of mobile applications capable of supporting corporate and business events that would allow to significantly save budget and time in the future.




Considering the complex solution ecosystem, before engaging in development process management of the client’s company was in search of the partner to work with. Backend Devs which is a part of SSA Group was selected due to its extensive experience in software development and the ability to set up a dedicated team in a short period.


Establishment of reliable business relations was an initial step in creation of EventOPlanner. Today EventOPlanner is a platform for event organizers suitable for congresses, trade shows, fairs, festivals, corporate events, and trainings of different types. The system enables quick creation of iOS/Android mobile apps for specific event and can provide information about event schedule, speakers, exhibitors, indoor, and outdoor maps, etc.


Software engineers from Backend Devs implemented a range of customized ASP.NET Web Forms and Metronic based dashboards, encrypted mobile APIs, integration services, and multi-tenant architecture based on Microsoft Azure service and SQL Server.


Since the solution was to support and process multiple simultaneous data inputs in form of thousands of users’ and hundreds of thousands API requests during highly loaded days, the performance of the app was the critical point. To resolve the issue and to deliver the best result, Auto Scalable Cloud Services were also realized.


Besides, engineers from Backend Devs implemented interactive offline maps builder and multi-level caching using Redis to improve Web performance while allowing customers significantly reduce their upstream bandwidth usage.


Tools and Technologies

Microsoft .NET
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft SQL Server
Redmine (project management)
Email Delivery (Send Grid)
Redis Cache


To ensure full coverage of client’s requirements and to deliver the project of superior quality Backend Devs utilized a wide range of tools that allowed to scale up clients number, enabled integration with different 3rd party systems, and implemented client-specific featuresFurthermore, the following metrics were achieved: 

- The time of delivering the app to market decreased from 7 days to 1 day  

- The number of platforms delivered increased from 2 (Android, iOS) to 4 (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web) 

- The number of supported languages raised from 2 (English, Dutch) to 5 (English, Dutch, Russian, German, French) 

- The Number of modules increased from 8 to 51 


The Individual approach of development teams strengthen the business relations and provides solid ground for further development and cooperation. 


Yearly number of events increased from 10 to 150
Up to 9000 registered users per event


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