Store Automation

The customer is a Canadian retail company that owns and operates a worldwide chain of shoe and accessory stores. The goal of the project is to innovative, interactive, immersive and informative digital experiences to the customers.


What was done:

- DDT (Data-driven testing) framework created from scratch (test data for different tests and environments stored in separate .excel files).

- Framework designed according to SOLID (object-oriented design) and KISS principles.

- We follow code conventions and verifying it with code cross-review in which each employee is involved.

- 3 different browsers (IE, Chrome, and Firefox) supported.

- Multithread (parallel) test execution implemented to decrease regression time. (Also, each browser is using his own user credentials to avoid collisions – details in Deal in with user creds under multiple instances of web browser)

- CA, US, UK, and EU site versions supported without code duplication. (with Spring profiles usage)

- Tests are running on different environments (UAT – QA – PROD) to verify that no errors appear before and after deployment to production.

- CI (Continuous integration) server was set up and configured to run tests by schedule (automated nightly runs) or by different triggers (e.g. new changes in VC system). Reports are generated with Allure and send by email automatically after each test run on TeamCity CI server.


Noha G., Aldo, Canada

Our company needed automation for our wide variety of eCommerce websites.  We evaluated the solutions provided by Backend Devs and it solved many of our challenges to bring in automation testing within our IT department.  Though, in different geographies, the communication with Backend Devs has been exceptional, the framework and scripts we received went beyond our expectations and we are impressed with the quality of work and commitment provided towards our assignments.  We look forward to continuing a long-term relationship. 



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