The company "Nadezhda," engaged in wholesale and retail trade in petroleum products, launched a mobile application under a new brand - BVS. Since May, the app is available for download for smartphones running Android and iOS. Backend Devs successfully launched web dashboard and mobile API. Our partner Mobi Devs was responsible for native mobile apps development and customer communications.

The primary goal of the backend is to create and update information like the actual gas stations, fuels, news, etc. and provide API for mobile clients with the real data. Allows to collect and visualize statistical data sent by mobile customers. Intensive data caching performs to minimize the traffic between the application and mobile clients to improve the responsiveness of the mobile application. Get more about backend in the BVS case study.

admin dashboard screen

The mobile app has a set of standard sections, such as "Promotions," "News," "Customer Support" and a convenient "Chat" that works through Facebook Messenger, as well as exclusive options. For example, an online store through which you can select the product of interest and order it in one click, leaving only your contact phone number and name. Read more about the mobile app here.

mobile app screen